Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Electric Light Orchestra - Zoom - (2001)

01. Alright 
02. Moment in Paradise 
03. State of Mind 
04. Just for Love 
05. Stranger On a Quiet Street 
06. In My Own Time 
07. Easy Money 
08. It Really Doesn't Matter  
09. Ordinary Dream 
10. A Long Time Gone 
11. Melting in the Sun 
12. All She Wanted 
13. Lonesome Lullaby 

14. One Day *

* 2013 Remaster Bonus Track

Jeff Lynne – Vocals, Backing Vocals, Electric Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Cello, Drums.

Richard Tandy – Keyboards ("Alright") (original member)

George Harrison – Slide Guitar ("A Long Time Gone" and "All She Wanted")
Ringo Starr – Drums ("Moment in Paradise" and "Easy Money")
Marc Mann – Rhythm Guitar ("Moment in Paradise"), String arrangements ("In My Own Time" and "Melting in the Sun")
Suzie Katayama – Cello ("Just for Love", "Stranger on a Quiet Street" and "All She Wanted")
Roger Lebow – Cello ("Lonesome Lullaby")
Dave Boruff – Saxophone ("A Long Time Gone")
Laura Lynne – Backing Vocals ("All She Wanted")
Rosie Vela – Backing Vocals ("Alright", "All She Wanted"), Spoken Parts and Tap dancing ("In My Own Time")
Kris Wilkinson – String arrangements ("Ordinary Dream")

Tour line-up

Jeff Lynne – Vocals, guitars
Richard Tandy – keyboards, vocoder
Rosie Vela – backing vocals
Marc Mann – guitars, keyboards, backing vocals
Matt Bissonette – bass guitar, backing vocals
Gregg Bissonette – drums, backing vocals
Peggy Baldwin – cello
Sarah O'Brien – cello

All songs written by Jeff Lynne
Produced by Jeff Lynne